Birthday Bash to celebrate our 70th birthday in Champaign, IL, August 27 & 28, 2010. Started the weekend off with a get-together at Steak & Shake on Friday. Then Saturday morning we met for Brunch at Ryan's (see pics below). Saturday afternoon was at the home of Jerry & Nancy Reynolds in Tuscola for Birthday cake and a catered meal.
Hoping to celebrate our 75th birthdays in 2015.

Some of our group at Ryan's for Brunch

More from Ryan's

Jerry & Nancy Reynolds home, site of our 70th celebration.

Brunch at Ryan's

The cake celebrating our 70th Birthdays

Greeting Board with names of those attending

(NOTE: Two pictures posted because not everyone was visible in each)

Front row, left to right -
Bill Phillips, Milt Foresberg, Rich Green, Jane (Pilon) Armstrong, Lolita (Cole) Perdue, Liz (Ingleman) Michael, Sue (Reis) Christensen, JoAnn (Joyce) Pairman, Rose (Collins) Ely, Dorothy (Buhle) Szczepaniak, Marie (Buhle) Behberg.

Back row, left to right
Dick Starkey, Jerry Reynolds, Dwayne Collins, Anita (Harrell) Fleming, Bob Rasmussen, Bev (Burcham) Creek, Jan (Forte) Bailey, Mary (Toliver) Brown, Court Conkwright, Bill Wirth, Jan Staggs